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Book Preview - Norman the Nurse Shark


Join Norman at the start of his fintastic adventure in this sneak preview of the first 5 pages. You can also see a preview from the 'Let's Learn About Sharks" section at the back of the book. If you want to find out what happens at the end of Norman's Jawsome adventure go the the shop link above and order your copy today.

Norman is a juvenile nurse shark who gets separated from his family when he gets caught in a fish trap. Once he is free from the trap he sets off on the journey to find his family and to discover what kind of animal he is. Along the way Norman ventures through various ocean ecosystems and makes some unlikely friends.

This book offers an educational and fun approach for students to learn about sharks, the ocean and the threats they face. Norman is a great ambassador for sharks, with students also being able to relate to some of the challenges he faces. 

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